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Payment Method

Payment service method
Friends Store provides you with a variety of payment methods! You can place an order using any of the following payment methods, including:

1. Credit card VISA/MASTER/AE/UnionPay
2. PayMe
3. Bank transfer
4. FPS
5. Alipay

  1 credit card
Visa/Master/AE We all choose Shopline Payment as our Payment Gateway. Your credit card number will be sent directly to a secure electronic reserve system by SSL. Our server does not store any credit card account information. The whole process is very safe and can be used with confidence.

  2 PayMe

Select PayMe when placing an order, and after filling in the receiving information, the PayCode will appear on the page:

1. Open the PayMe app

2. Scan PayCode to authorize payment ?

3. After PayMe completes the transaction, please stay on the transaction page and wait for confirmation

After the payment is completed, the page will automatically go to the successful payment page!

  3 Bank transfer

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation HSBC Current A/C: 741-202824-001 (Note: For inter-bank transfer, please add the front bank number 004)

If paying by cheque, the payee name is : Friends Store

If paying by ATM transfer, the payee will be displayed as Friends Store

* In order to process the customer's payment as soon as possible, after depositing or transferring funds, the payment record (payment paper) can be submitted through the following channels:

1. Website platform: You can upload and upload digital paper instantly, click here to enter

2. WhatsApp to +852 9602 3385 with order number

  4. FPS (Faster Payment System)

Enter in Internet Banking

"FPS" identification code


Company Name: Friends Store

  5. Alipay

1. Customers can choose Alipay (HK) to pay in the "Payment Method" field when placing an order.

2. After the customer confirms the checkout, the front desk will jump to the payment QR code page, and the customer needs to complete the payment within 60 minutes